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Vytal One - Melbourne MC, and owner of the "HOODRAPZ" Enterprise. Core Member Of Hip Hop/Funk/Soul Collective "BLUNT PAPER MASSIVE", With Singer/Mc Muma Doesa and drummer/Producer Idia73. Working with Youth Music Organization. "The Push".

Vytal One Originally hails from the Adelaide foothills in South Australia. He moved to Melbourne in late 2006, to reach a larger audience, and make a noticable mark on the Australian Hip Hop scene. Vytal One has showcased his lyrical talent at many parties and freestyle battles in Adelaide, in the era from 1998-2006. First began recording with Underground Hip Hop group, "The Unwanted Visitors" in 1999. Finding a passion for Graff and songwriting, his debut album "Fallen Angel From Heavens Prison", was released independently in 2007. A single from this Album titled "This is for you (Spike)", was in rememberance of his younger Brother, who was tragically killed in an horrific car accident in June 2007. This song, gives listeners a deep insight into the emotions of losing a close family member. Vytal One's style can only be described as calculated, dark, intelligent and sometimes political, Australian Hip Hop. Intense, gothic lyrical content and a fast paced flow. Heavily influenced by pioneer U.S artists such as- "Rage Against The Machine", "Cypress Hill", "Gangstarr", "EPMD", Mobb Deep", "Mos Def", "Arsonists", "KRS One", "Jedi Mind Tricks", Etc. Also local legends "Lyrical Commission", "After Hours", "Lazy Grey", Etc. Vytal One's first live set was supporting "Paris" and "J-Live" at Heaven Nightclub in Adelaide with fellow "HOODRAPZ" affiliate, "Az-Tek Mc". Has also supported Houston Rapper "Point Blank". Is Currently working on a second album titled "Solitary Man". He Is Also A Founding Member Of Hip Hop Festival And Management Company "HOODRAPZ". Alongside some of Adelaides' finest up and coming talent, Vytal headlined at the first Hoodrapz show. Also featured were Indigenous artists "Jim Blah" and "Karnage and Darknis". This Show also saw "Az-Tek Mc", "CJ Supreme", "Dropt at Birth" and "Devlin Mosley" rock the mike with a wide variety of cultures represented under the Hoodrapz banner. The first Melbourne Hoodrapz show also saw Vytal alongside many talented artists including female Mc/ Soul Singer /Dancer- "Muma Doesa". Watch out for this ferocious Mc, with a thirst for anger and mayhem at his live shows. Spitting against Racism and Injustice, but with a smoothe serious edge. Has worked on tracks with various producers including "Panik (Molemen Records)","Clok (Part Time Martyrs)", "Track One", "Debate (Train of Thought),(Level Headed)","Sett","DJ RELLIK (Turnsyle Records)"," Muma Doesa", "Manix", "Able", "DJ Wasabi" (Teris Studios), Represents Various different Australian Producers/Freestylers/Bands/Beatboxing/Graffiti REALITY! "True Rage is what I write, to Blaze the mic, whether it's daylight or night, I'm engaged in a Fight!!. VYTAL ONE!
Features On-HOODRAPZ VOL 1, Az-Tek Mc-Reflection Of Reality, GHC (Global Hip Hop Collective)-30/30 MIXTAPE, BLUNT PAPER MASSIVE- Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Vytal One Aka Mista Fury.
God and My Brother Spike (R.I.P).
Sounds Like:
Raw Underground Australian Hip Hop, with a dark, industrial edge.
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released January 1, 1995

1.Go Back Intro 01:29

2.Solitary Man 03:25

3.Free Spirits Featuring Muma Doesa (Produced By Panik Of The Molemen) 04:47

4.Confidence 02:53

Solitary Man Coming Soon...
released 09 January 2013
Hoodrapz & Turnstyle Records Present A Sneak Peek At The Forthcoming Release From VYTAL ONE - SOLITARY MAN....Featuring Panik Of The Molemen (USA), Pyrex Uno (Citywide Krew), Skomes, Manix (Panoptics), Muma Doesa, Inspioz (Spiderhole Records), Apologize (Hoodrapz), Saki (Goonbag Radio), Bastian Killjoy (Wordmiths), Seeka (Social Commontree), Sett, Clok & Cuts By Dj Rellik @Turnstyle Records.



Dj Rellik Melbourne, Australia

Dj Rellik is a Melbourne based Dj, With over 25 years performing experience Rellik specializes in Hip Hop Production and Scratching.A featured Dj on over 170 Albums to date, his experience on the field has seen him collaborate and perform alongside some of Australia and Americas top hip hop profiles. Founder of Turnstyle Records and a regular live support performer for local acts. ... more

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