Out Of Control

by BIG T


Big T - Out Of Control

Consisting of 18 tracks, this LP is a reflection of Big T’s struggle and
triumph over his own personal demons, frustration over the state of
Australian hip hop, and a celebration of the journey that has led to
Rawlab Entertainment becoming a force in the thriving Melbourne hip
hop scene.

Featuring varied production from the likes of Mdusu, Dyl Thomas, Methodz,
Weapon X, Ben Rosen, Cam Bluff, Lotek and many more, ‘Out Of
Control’ explores the sounds within the vast landscape of hip hop with
no style left untouched. Big T has demonstrated, without question, his
ability to flow over any form of beat.

Guest artists such as Ruste Juxx, Solomon Childs, Surreal, Alyson Murry,
DJ Rellik, DJ Denno, and Lotek join Big T on ‘Out Of Control’. Big T’s
long-time collaborators, Grinny and Gzutek also feature on both vocals
and production, and the whole Rawlab roster is present on a posse cut
spanning over 8 minutes long.

The first two singles “Nobody Can Catch You” and “On The Bench” have
already seen the light of day in the form of video clips and are two of
many stand out tracks, others include “Avoid The Confusion”, “From The
Beginning”, “What to Say” and “I Told You”.

1. Lose Control (Produced By Grinny) 2. Avoid The Confusion Feat. Alyson Murry (Produced By Mdusu) 3. Nobody Can Catch You (Produced By Zetes) 4. 70 Styles Of Death (Produced By Dyl Thomas) 5. On The Bench (Produced By Methodz) 6. What To Say Feat. Surreal (Produced By Troy K) 7. Words From Shak [Skit] 8. Posse Cut Feat. Rawlab Crew (Produced Weapon X) 9. From The Beginning Feat. Grinny (Produced By Ben Rosen) 10. I Told You Feat. Soloman Childs, Ruste Juxx and Gzutek (Produced By Gzutek) 11. Shades [Interlude] (Produced Jacky T) 12. Smoked Buffet Feat. Lotek (Produced By Lotek) 13. Go! (Produced by Cam Bluff) 14. Tech Smokin Feat. Big T [USA] (Produced By Duds One) 15. Words From Mack 16. Gibberish (Produced by Gzutek) 17. Control (Produced By Methodz) 18. The Rawlab [Bonus Track]


released April 12, 2015

Big T - Rawlab Crew debut album "Out of Control" - he has spent countless hours on this release and is very excited to show you all - cover art by Darren Hui and Robert Ptaszek - Executive Producers: Ben Kramp and Anthony Grinsted



Dj Rellik Melbourne, Australia

Dj Rellik is a Melbourne based Dj, With over 25 years performing experience Rellik specializes in Hip Hop Production and Scratching.A featured Dj on over 170 Albums to date, his experience on the field has seen him collaborate and perform alongside some of Australia and Americas top hip hop profiles. Founder of Turnstyle Records and a regular live support performer for local acts. ... more

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