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01. Get The Flame
02. Hurt No More
03. Whachu Want ft. Leva [Produced by RahjConkas]
04. Artists
05. Rap Giants ft. D'Gen
06. Absorbed ft. Madeleine Wood [Produced by Methodz]
07. Language Factory ft. Epps, Defron, Big T
+ The 100 Bar Rant (Bonus Track)

Get The Flame is the debut release from the Polish/English Sunbury bred rapper, Gzutek’s first EP is the result of over ten years’ work in the game. Slated for release under Midnight Green Records, Get the
Flame features production from Gzutek, RahjConkas and Methodz and includes guest appearances from Leva, D’Gen, Madeleine Wood, Epps, Defron and Big T.

Speaking as fluently with the boards as he does with the pen, Gzutek’s Get the Flame is a discourse between man and machine where the producer and rapper has created an original grunge boom-bap narrative, echoing a dystopic world of schizophrenic chaos. Playing with his two tongues, Gzutek’s artistry conjures a barren wasteland populated by ash and ruin where one lone wolf howls at the listener with the metallic melodies of clunking gears and manic laughter.

Get the Flame opens with the titular induction, where Gzutek welcomes his audience over haunting rustic horn stabs and industrial guitar squeals. After dousing your brains with petrol and grinning through the smoke, Gzutek stands amongst the dying embers crooning lethargic broken harmonies of a man in love beaten down in Hurt No More, the EP’s first single.

Delivering rapid fire wordplay over melancholic guitar strings before the lingering plucks transform into metallic shredding, Gzutek seduces and repels his elusive lover from entangling their beating life-force with his rusting tin heart.

As the fire seems to be dwindling, Whachu Want stirs the glowing coals with RahjConkas’s slithering evil bass-line, Gzutek’s Vocal refrains as Leva antagonizes any potential enemy in the club. The trio turn what sounds like a head nodding dark corner serenade into an open invitation for ruckus in this fight instigating anthem.

Only after beating you senseless and cackling over your bloodied bruises, Gzutek then provides the heart-felt brutal honesty
which sets him aside from other Artists in this eponymous ballad. Amongst welcoming brass sections and a frontier aesthetic
with military march drum kicks, Gzutek chants a call to arms to all struggling artists.

Playing with his listeners yet again, after this heart on sleeve confessional, Gzutek & D’Gen pull up with a fast & furious theme
in Rap Giants, spitting rapid flow over fractured guitar thrusts behind the blinding gleam of whitewall tires sitting on a set ofdayton rims. Once again Gzutek proves he is more then another anarchic rapper satirising his landscape with frenetic wordplay, in the beautiful homage to life, Absorbed. The bilingual alien paints a picture of a tortured soul out of place in this world who is proud to be a product of what he has seen & done. This song is where the phoenix bursts from the ash to deliver the message that we are all products of ourselves.Not allowing you to finish your trip into the furnace without leaving covered in sweat, in Language Factory Gzutek enlists the help of fellow soldiers on the frontline of the war against words, Epps, Defron and Big T, to narrate tales of a didactic Orwellian nightmare with haunting vocal samples & razor sharp cuts from DJ Relik.

Get the Flame is an invitation. It’s hard to say what shines more, Gzutek’s acid toned venomous rhymes or his monstrous production style. After years of hard work and waiting to drop his debut project, the match is struck and the fuse is getting shorter. Gzutek has lit the fire; now all you need to do is Get the Flame.


released July 9, 2013

- Written By Kieron Byatt
releases 09 July 2013
Written & Performed by: Gzutek
Cuts: Dj Rellik (track 1 and track 7)
Recorded @ Stronghorn Studios
Recorded By JD
Mixed & Mastered by B. Kramp @ Earthshake Audio



Dj Rellik Melbourne, Australia

Dj Rellik is a Melbourne based Dj, With over 25 years performing experience Rellik specializes in Hip Hop Production and Scratching.A featured Dj on over 170 Albums to date, his experience on the field has seen him collaborate and perform alongside some of Australia and Americas top hip hop profiles. Founder of Turnstyle Records and a regular live support performer for local acts. ... more

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